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Aiming to our bright future to be shared



The thread of "Seeds" is passed through the needle hole of "Needs" to connect the achievement to the future.

1.With Seeds & Needs, we are dedicated to the development of our customers, partners and related regions.
2.By combining innovative “Seeds ” with traditional“ combining techniques ” and “overlapping techniques ”, we provide new services and help create value that can be realized, and achieve customer satisfaction.
3.We will provide the next generation of design processes by creating new paths that transcend the barriers of existing values, regional barriers, and cultural barriers.


We provide a "innovative" service.

1.We will deploy Japanese high level safe, secure, quality services and products with our Asian partners and offer their excellence to customers.
2.We will develop services and products in Japan that realize the potential and speed of Asia, which is growing rapidly, and provide seeds for new value creation.
3.By leveraging our company's corporate resources, we contribute to our customers, partners, and communities by promoting the dissemination of services and products that can be shared broadly across the region.

Business guide



Printed circuit board and exterior housing design

Regardless of the genre or design specifications, we will respond.


Reduce the cost and lead time by utilizing back-annotation during sophisticated analysis design process.

Circuit / FPGA design Embedded software development

Based on the customer requirement, we will undertake from specification design until evaluation test and debugging works.

Printed wiring board・Parts procurement・Assembly

We will correspond even only one PWB, only one part.

DFM (design / manufacturing fitting)

· We offer quality improvement, production lead time compress and thus manufacturing costs reduction, by back-annotating the various restriction and correction required over the mass production, on the design data.
· We will assist Japanese companies like to expand in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam by arranging relations with our local partners.

Total Service

Product requirements specification - making things, mass production, etc., will undertake even cut from anywhere.

About AsiaSneeds-way
(abbreviated as ”ASW”)

We had celebrated the 10’th anniversary of the foundation on August 13,2019.
We, all the stuffs deeply appreciate the support of the customers and partners、
And we swear we will continue to enhance the quality and value of technical services for the future.




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